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We have been providing a wide range of accounting, tax and consulting services to our clients since 1978.

We are committed to helping our clients by providing close and personal attention to their individual and business needs.

Our clients include Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, LLC's, Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations. We provide personalized services at a reasonable fee.

Our mission is to help our clients solve their accounting and tax problems.  We have built our practice upon a foundation of satisfied clients.

Dharam  Yadav CPA,  has retired, and highly recommends Tax Minimizers for future work. He has transferred the business to them and is working closely with the staff of Tax Minimizers of Oregon Inc to make sure all client needs are being satisfied and any ongoing  issues relayed. Their office is located at the same address and phone number.

For more information visit the firm at www.taxminimizers.com or contact at:
4536 NE 42nd Avenue, Portland, OR 97218
Tel:  503-288-5421
Fax: 503-281-4811
E-Mail: teresa@taxminimizers.com.












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